Yearly Maintenance

Yearly Maintenance

After the radon mitigation is completed, the radon levels in your house will decrease to a level below the recommended numbers by EPA.  The equipment we install in your home, to mitigate radon, must run continuously 24/7.  With any mechanical equipment, there is a possibility of failure or diminished performance each year the equipment operates. 
For these reasons, a yearly maintenance check of your system equipment to ensure it is operating properly should be completed.  Once a year we will make an appointment to come to your home to visually inspect the equipment to ensure it is operating properly.  If you choose and pay for the two year maintenance plan we will provide you with two free radon test kits to re-test the radon levels in your home..

EPA recommends that all homes with a mitigation system installed be re-tested every two years to check the radon level in your home.  If you purchase our 2-Year Maintenance Plan two free radon test kits will be provided at the 2nd annual visit.  If you purchase our Annual Visit no free radon kits are included.  Radon test kits may be purchased from us at any time.  If your system fails, and you are not testing your home you could be breathing radon again and subjecting you, your family and anyone who visits your house to the possibility of lung cancer in the future. 

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Arizona and Radon Gas

Radon presence in Arizona is more severe than you might expect.

Arizona has been tracking radon test results since 1993, and based on these results:  

  • The average concentration of radon in homes in Arizona is 2.9 pCi/L
  • 1 in 4 homes in the state of Arizona are above the EPA recommended 4.0 pCi/L
  • The maximum concentration of radon found in a home in Arizona is 55.8 pCi/L
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