Post Mitigation

Once your home has been mitigated, post mitigation radon testing should be done to ensure that radon levels in your home are below the EPA safe level.

Once the levels are confirmed to be below the safe level, EPA recommends that mitigated homes be retested every 2 years to ensure your system continues to keep indoor air radon levels below the EPA safe level.  Arizona Radon Professionals recommend that your system be inspected annually, as well.  Generally, the initial post mitigation test kits are included with the mitigation system installation and the homeowner does the testing.  The results are sent directly to Arizona Radon Professionals and we will share the results with you once they are received.  

Arizona Radon Professionals generally do not perform the initial post mitigation testing after they mitigate a house in order to avoid potential conflict of interest.

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Check if you have Radon in your house

Order a Radon test kit and easily check your house! It takes only few days to find out if you have radon in your house.

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Subscribe to a yearly maintenance service

The equipment installed to mitigate your radon issue, must run 24/7. Contact us to start your maintenance.

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EPA recommends retesting every 2 years after mitigation.

With our yearly maintenance program the 2 year post-mitigation test kits are included.