Radon Testing

Testing your home is easy! First, order a free short term radon test kit and we will mail it to your home. Please remember that one test kit covers an area of about 1,000 square feet.  If your house is bigger, you need to order more test kits. You can do that here.

When the test kit is delivered to your home, there are instructions that provide instructions on how to perform the test properly. You place the kit on an elevated position in order to check the radon levels in the breathing zone. Short term tests should be conducted under closed house conditions.  Close up your home for 24 hours prior to testing and during the testing period.  You can enter and leave the home, but the doors and windows should stay closed as much as possible for a reliable test.  You leave the test kit open for 2-3 days. The kit will absorb the radioactive particles emitted during the breakdown of the radon present in your air.  After the sampling period, you will send the kit to the lab (postage and envelope are included) and the laboratory will analyze your test kit and in a few days they will send us the results.  After we receive the results, we will contact you, and we can discuss the options if the test reveals high levels of radon in your home.

Would you like to test your house and order a test kit?

Other Services

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Solve your Radon problem in your home

Did you find out that you have radon in your house? No worries, schedule an appointment for a free estimate!

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Subscribe to a yearly maintenance service

The equipment installed to mitigate your radon issue, must run 24/7. Contact us to start your maintenance.

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EPA recommends retesting every 2 years after mitigation.

With our yearly maintenance program the 2 year post-mitigation test kits are included.