Radon Myths

There are many myths about Radon Gas

  • Radon is not dangerous: the Center for Disease Control, American Lung Association, and American Medical Association all agree that radon has a harmful effect on human health.
  • Radon Test is expensive: We provide a FREE Radon test kit and in less than one week, we can know if your home has radon gas
  • If there is no basement, there is not a radon problem: radon is a gas and can go everywhere in your house. It enters into your home throughout the soil and it doesn't stop at the basement
  • You only need to worry about radon if you live in certain areas of the country: Radon is everywhere, including Arizona.
  • Radon is natural gas and I cannot do anything about it: although Radon is a natural gas, what you can do is to mitigate its effect on you. Radon Mitigation is a process that avoid that Radon gas stays in your house

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radon arizona

Radon is not everywhere.

This is the map of Radon presence in US provided by EPA. As you can see is everywhere.

radon test arizona

Radon is not dangerous

These are the levels of Radon in your house and their effect (source EPA). It is definitely dangerous!

Order your Free Arizona Radon Test Kit!

Order a FREE Arizona Radon test kit and easily check your house! It takes only few days to find out if you have radon in your house in Arizona.

Radon is a serious issue in Arizona and over a majority of the country. Our mission is to raise awareness about the radon problem in Arizona. We believe that only knowledge, skills and professionalism can solve the radon issue and lower the possibility for many people to get lung cancer because of exposure to radon gas.

We are one of the few radon professional companies in Arizona that focus solely on mitigation and we are proud to say we are a licensed contractor.

We want to be sure that when you let us enter into your house in Arizona to mitigate radon, you feel safe and confident the problem will be solved.